Inbound Support

Digicall Global provides integrated customer service solutions. It leverages the domain expertise in our industry segments to better understand and serve our customers’ needs.

Our customer helpdesk services include providing multilingual services for customer assistance, which only facilitates in customer service outsourcing. We help clients address customer service across various delivery channels.

The customer helpdesk solutions are customized to meet unique requirement of the clients. Our multi-tiered approach allows optimal flexibility in internal processes. It provides 24×7 appropriate customer helpdesk support for an innumerable range of services and product lines. Innovative technology is used to provide state-of-the-art software maintenance and system troubleshooting meant for supporting the customers. The team generally supplies site administrators, end users, and technical support personnel with operational support for user-related questions and problems apart from maintenance support for system problems or equipment failures.

From customers asking questions regarding new products or registering complaints, Customer Helpdesk analysts’ assists in resolving all the queries. Every piece of new information flowing into the helpdesk centre is equally valuable as the data can be mined to divulge the trends prompting sound business decisions. Helpdesk services extend the opportunity to try out something new, something that has not been experimented in the past. Acclaimed as preferred way of reaching customers and clients, Customer Helpdesk support provides effective marketing tools in an effective way.

Types of Customer Helpdesk Services

Digicall Global’s customer helpdesk section is especially qualified in handling complex, unscripted calls in the industry segments that focus around areas including:

Customer Acquisition

Digicall Global has customized the customer acquisition solutions as per the varied customer requirements which address a wide array of industries like banking and financial services, telecommunication, utilities, healthcare and retail. The solutions offered are effective since it enhances the customer base and minimizes costs and customer acquisition lead times.

Web Support

Considered as major life support system for a BPO company to continue thriving, web support segment has a major role to play. The comprehensive Internet Sales & Marketing services ensured by the company to generate abundant revenues for the clients make the web support services very crucial. As these help in providing a return on investment in a fraction of seconds, there comes in the most significant role of the web support section in a BPO infrastructure. It is executed broadly using email marketing and telemarketing methods. It deals extensively with both small and medium sized businesses allowing them to concentrate on their core business operations. The maintenance and site updation, however, becomes the top priority for the web team to handle.

Order Desk

Order Desk is another cost effective mechanism where customer places the order for any product or service by different means and it is then added to the client’s database. This includes all orders by mail to client, which will then be stored on a shared platform for further processing. It is evident that this round the clock service yields maximum customer satisfaction results within a small period of time. It eases communication between the client and the customer. Digicall Global specialists make use of sophisticated software, which ensures that the customer’s requirements are met. This also enhances the client’s sales capability.

In order to acquire more customers, Digicall Global clients publish advertisements along with the company’s contact information on popular media channels as TV, Newspaper, Mailers or Websites, through direct or indirect methods. Once calls start coming in, CGL experts begin with the order processing on phones itself. Prospective customers are sometimes contacted through mails where they are asked to register. When they revert, CGL receives these registration applications sent by the clients after getting them scanned. The same process follows up.

Technical Help Desk

We at Digicall Global believe in providing excellent and qualitative technical support to the organization globally. The fine combination of domain knowledge and experienced team gives us expertise required for providing flawless technical solutions. We provide customized after-hours support, selected hours or 24×7 supports.

Welcome Calls

These calls are made after the talking is done offering information and client is welcomed for the joint collaboration. It is brief in nature and yields maximum customer satisfaction, a courtesy performed with genuine dedication. It deals mostly with surveys, verifications, lead generation, collections, etc.

Web Support

This service is in a way considered as an important service vital for the overall smooth functioning of any business. Now-a-days, any business needs to have an email centre to manage its customer queries. Covering a wide range of services, customers are easily dealt with using services like technical support, transaction verification, order fulfillment and problem resolution to name a few. The services help in achieving objectives like improved response time and enhanced quality of response. It helps in handling the email traffic with the efficacy and provides high quality, quick & accurate replies to customers’ queries.

Billing Queries & Services

This particular service has been developed to handle all billing related services and queries of the customer. The service helps in generating bills for the services provided. However, a lot many processes are covered under this category which is capable of processing any type of statement as in self-pay, insurance claims, secondary insurance billing, etc. Billing services can deal with any type of billing demand as in medical, retail, educational, commercial, etc.

Online Chat

The online chat support aids the representative to make customers available with web alliance and co-browsing help. This direct communication helps the customer to get solution on any problem related to products or services, software or hardware. The web collaboration enables the representative and customer share the same display while the further co-browsing offers him the ability to move forward screens to the visitor. This facilitates customers with after sale service. It deals extensively with product queries, website navigation help and guided tour, complaint registration and resolutions as well as marketing services.

Customer Care

Digicall Global’s executives are trained to deal effectively with varied customer problems within the assigned turn around time. Digicall Global has implemented refined call processing and telecom equipment where customer centric operations are adeptly performed. The equipment includes highly sophisticated call routing features which allows the system in instantly scrutinizing the available agents and routing calls to them. We not only provide qualitative cost effective customer care, but also maximize the value generated by every customer touch-point.

24x7 Help Desk

IT helpdesk and product support services require specialist knowledge about complex issues and management skills. We at Digicall Global ensure delightful customer experience through our qualified 24×7 Help Desk which helps in fortifying relations with our valuable customers. This round the clock support encourages transparent escalation of an issue through our executives and engineers. Our industry recognized processes and software have successfully reduced the additional turnaround time involved in the process. The ultimate goal of this process is to help enterprises align their projects with their overall business strategy leading to maximum return.

Anti Churn Management & Retention

Ours expertise resides in providing effective communication therapies to customers for reducing the churn. We effectively understand the kind of problems faced by the customers and do our best to resolve them within the turnaround time rather than letting them go through the tedious process repeatedly. Our effective customer retention strategy believes in retaining our existing clients by reducing the churn. As a reactionary solution, we have developed end-to-end customized customer acquisition solutions which address vast range of industries majorly focusing on banking, financial services, telecommunications and media and healthcare industries. We aim to keep a high proportion of our valuable customers by reducing customer defections and increasing the value of retained customers.