Collection Services

If you are in business, slow receivables mean reduced profit. You know that most debtors respond better when contacted early and often in the collection cycle.

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to speed up cash flow and still keep your profit where it belongs? We offer a service that combines the advantages of using your own staff with all the benefits of outsourcing including reduced costs for both labor and operations.

Digicall Global is proud to offer collectors who are:

  • Experienced in your industry
  • Available 24 hours a day round the clock
  • Persistent, perceptive, yet tactful college educated professionals
  • Expert communicators who quickly determine what motivates payment

Digicall Global’s collection services are designed specifically keeping in view various laws like Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, FDCPA, FCRA and HIPAA. Digicall Global strictly adhere to these rules and its collectors are taught to maintain dignity of debtor at all times.

Whether you are looking to expand operations or simply need to control your company’s expenses and increase profits and productivity, get the power of an industry heavyweight without sacrificing the service and support your business is known for. Contact the professionals at Digicall Global. Let our staff design a customized action plan for procuring profitable results.

Types of Collection/Industries Served

DigiCall Global’s collection services section is especially qualified in handling complex, unscripted calls in the industry segments that focus around areas including:

  • Invoice Explanation Calls
  • Medical Collections
  • Credit Card Collections
  • Auto Deficiencies
  • Commercial Collections
  • Mortgage Collections

Billing Explanation Calls

Apart from other customer care activities, our expert professionals are also experienced in providing explanations to the customers along with the details and importance of every individual section in their calls.

Pre Collections Calls

Our expert pre collection call service increases your cash flow as your outstanding receivables get immediate action. Digicall Global’s experts handle the entire process smoothly so that you can focus on your normal business activities.

Soft Collections

Digicall Global’s soft collection service helps you in your business. Our staff has several years of experience in running soft collection programs for industries such as telecom and cable companies. Our core expertise lies in reducing your outstanding dues.

Collection Calls

The main purpose of collection calls is to inform debtors of their obligations and motivate repayment. Successful collection calls rely on the skill and understanding of the collector making the call. The collection parameters are decided by you.

Outsourced Collectors

Organizations lose significant amount of revenue each year due to uncollected debt, sometimes because of large failed projects or customer’s lack of interest in repaying back. At Digicall Global, we provide a variety of collection services that meet the client’s specific needs. With our expert debt collectors, you can lower your expenditure cost and augment the efficiency.