Back Office Support

Through back office support system, Digicall Global has immersed itself deeply to bring forth maximum satisfaction to its valued clients.

It provides 24×7 services which include innumerable services as Data Entry services, Qualitative data analysis, E-accounting and Reconciliation. Keeping in mind the clients’ demands, customized services can always be designed at no extra charge. As one of major BPO outsourcing services, back office holds a prominent place which helps in increasing the productivity and on time service availability.

Types of Back Office Support Services

The back office support has its own set of services, which are properly executed and taken care of by the Digicall Global executives. These are:

Account Receivables

One of the series of accounting transactions, account receivable (A/R) or trade receivable deals with the billing of customers. This is typically done by generating an invoice electronically to the customers, who in turn pays it within an established timeframe called credit or payment terms.

Account Payables

Account payable or A/P connotes a file or account containing debt account that a person or company owes to suppliers, which hasn’t been paid. The invoice gets added in the file whenever the outstanding payment has been made or is removed once paid.

We keep a track and enter all due dates for bills of any kind such as suppliers bills, electric bills, telephone bill, cable bill or satellite dish service, newspaper subscription etc.

Data Transcription

The data transcription work is easily executed when backed with fine and vast domain knowledge. Marked with stringent quality commitment, data transcriptions with security and accuracy is offered which can well execute the client’s requirements in any specified format. Digicall Global caters to almost any industry and efficiently executes the data transcription service.

Our data transcription services essentially entails converting the audio or content in voice form to written form in the same or different language. The transcripted recordings of various seminars and conferences can be used for analysis and future usage.

Accounting Services

Digicall Global offers accounting services to its clients and delivers customized BPO solutions ranging in complexity from individual transaction-based functions. It offers complete full service accounting which includes accounts payable and accounts receivable.

A double entry bookkeeping method records the financial transactions of a business or a company. Here, various accounting work is done for recording things like Purchase book, Sales book, Cash book and Ledgers.

Insurance Claims Processing

Today’s global industry is in demand of cutting edge services and value added customer experience that are characterized by faster response time and customized services. We provide wide range of customized solutions for insurance application processing, insurance claims processing, insurance claims examining, verification and validation of claims, customer service process management and payment/check processing. With this, one can eliminate the manual search for documents and improve the document consistency.